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After more than a year of rallies, marches, court hearings, and even arrests, we have reached an agreement with SUNY on a new process that has the best chance of LICH remaining a hospital and which we hope will lead to the best possible outcome for the patients served by LICH.

This groundbreaking agreement requires SUNY to engage in a new open and transparent process for determining who will take over LICH, a process which prioritizes operators committed to running a full-service hospital and which gives the community significant decision-making power. Never before has the community had a voice in determining the future of a hospital.

LICH nurses continue to put community needs first. At an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday night, with more than fifty people in attendance, NYSNA RNs, along with doctors, 1199SEIU caregivers, and community members pledged to stay united, to move forward with one voice, and to stick together no matter what. Our coalition has kept the hospital open for more than a year, and our united coalition is the best hope for meeting the healthcare needs of the community. Read more >>

Following the 43rd Annual Legislative Conference sponsored by the NY State Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators, NYSNA RNs gathered in Albany on February 15th to protest healthcare inequalities that are rampant throughout the state, and especially affect poor Blacks and Latinos.

Read more >>

The New York Times ran an article this weekend by Lawrence K. Altman, M.D. in their health-related blog, The Well, highlighting the importance of nursing in our healthcare system.

The article notes that RNs provide the personal touch that is so often missing in our healthcare facilities today, but it also notes that nurses have also "saved many doctors from making fatal mistakes in caring for patients."

Altman reports that Dr. Arnold S. Relman, a former eminent medical educator that is now recovering from an accident, expressed his newfound appreciation for the role of RNs in medical care in his recent article on his injuries and the medical treatment he received in the New York Review of Books. Relman is 90 years old, and spent an entire career working in healthcare. As the author notes, the fact that his appreciation is "new" is what is perhaps so surprising and indeed disturbing.

Altman suggest that medical professionals are often taught in silos, and perhaps a more dynamic and collaborative approach should be explored to provide holistic care in the future. Read more >>

NYSNA is announcing two workshops on Emergency Room nursing: one is coming up soon on March 6-7 and the other is in the Fall of 2014 on November 6-7. The workshops will be held in NYSNA's New York Office and will prepare participants to take the ENA examination to achieve certification in ER nursing. Read more >>


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