e-Mail Your Lawmakers: Fight For Safe Staffing!

New York patients are at risk. Hospital administrators are forcing nurses to take on 9, 10, and even more patients at once.

Patients pay the price. Our family members, friends, and neighbors are waiting too long in emergency rooms. We’re suffering too many falls and infections. And too often, we’re winding up back in the hospital with avoidable complications — when we should be getting better.

The solution is the Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act (A1548/S782), a bill in Albany that would set safe minimum nurse staffing levels in all our hospitals. Research shows that safe staffing saves lives and money.

If enough New York patients reach out to our lawmakers, we can pass this important protection. Tell your State Assemblymember to pass the Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act.

Urge your representatives to support this important legislation… click here for an easy way to email your lawmakers.

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