After Sandy, Let's BUILD BACK BETTER


Wall Street was up and running two days after Sandy.

But New York City’s healthcare system is still in crisis.

The storm exposed the disparities of New York’s healthcare system — a system where the rich get the best care on the planet, while many New Yorkers — the poor, the uninsured, people of color — struggle to get adequate care in their communities.

We don’t just need to build back. We need to Build Back Better a healthcare system that works for all New Yorkers.


“There’s a real problem with access to healthcare. It took two days to get Wall Street back up and running, but they can’t tell us how long it will take to get Bellevue back up. They made a Herculean effort to rebuild Wall Street. They need to make the same Herculean effort to reopen Bellevue and Coney Island Hospitals.”

-Anne Bové, RN, Bellevue Hospital, HHC Executive Council and NYSNA Secretary, Rally on City Hall Steps, Nov. 16


“I’ve been to the Rockaways. I’ve walked darkened hallways, going door to door to see who needs help. The response from city, state, and federal officials falls short of meeting the needs of New Yorkers. Urgent action and greater coordination are needed to help thousands of people in desperate need.”

-Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, RN, Montefiore Medical Center, NYSNA First Vice President, Rally on City Hall Steps, Nov. 16


“With winter upon us, a flu epidemic is a very real and dangerous possibility if we do not act now. That's why the Department of Health needs step up the distribution of flu vaccines in hard hit areas. Nurses are ready, willing, and able to help deliver those flu shots.”

-Patricia DiLillo, RN, Montefiore Medical Center, NYSNA President, Press conference with NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, Dec. 3


“This storm was a terrible tragedy. But we also have an opportunity – to build back a better healthcare system, one that works for all New Yorkers. We need to re-open our public hospitals on a safe and expedited timeline. And we need to reinvest in our public hospitals. We need to stop New York hospital administrators are cutting nursing staff, and make sure that every New York hospital has enough nurses to give patients good care. We need to stop the move to close or reduce services at community hospitals – like Interfaith in Brooklyn. And we need to fight for health insurance that covers all New Yorkers, and gives them access to the same level of care. Nurses are doing our part to recover – and build back better. It’s time for Mayor Bloomberg to do his.”

-Marva Wade, RN, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, NYSNA Second Vice President, Rally at Senator Schumer and Gillibrand’s office, Dec. 10

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