Beck/Taylor Law Notifications

Beck Notification

If you are represented for collective bargaining by NYSNA, you have the right to be or stay a nonmember and pay an agency fee equivalent to dues. As a nonmember, you are entitled to object to paying for activities unrelated to the association’s duties as a bargaining agent and to obtain a reduction in fees for such activities. The agency fee will include costs incurred by the union for expenditures related to collective bargaining, contract administration, grievances and arbitration, and other matters affecting wages, hours, and other conditions of employment. In fiscal year 2015, the most recent fiscal year for which a calculation was done, the agency fee represented 89.34% of the dues amount for that year.

If you choose to enter into an agency fee arrangement, please be aware that you will deny yourself the opportunity to exercise the full rights and benefits of union membership. Full membership rights include the rights to: (1) vote on acceptance or rejection of proposed contracts covering your wages and working conditions, thereby ensuring your input on issues central to your working life; (2) participate in development of contract proposals; and (3) vote for your union officers.

Contact NYSNA’s Membership Department for a copy of the policies and procedures concerning agency fee arrangements. Requests to enter into an agency fee arrangement should be submitted in writing to the Membership Department, New York State Nurses Association, 155 Washington Ave., Albany, NY by no later than November 1, 2015.

Taylor Law Notification

Section 208.3 of the Taylor Law permits an employee organization to receive an agency shop fee if it “has established and maintained a procedure providing for the refund for any employee demanding the return of any part of an agency shop fee deduction which represents the employee’s pro rata share of expenditures by the organization in aid of activities or causes of a political or ideological nature only incidentally related to terms and conditions of employment.” As noted above for fiscal year 2015, the most recent fiscal year for which a calculation was done, the chargeable amount represented 89.34% of the dues amount for that year.

In satisfaction of the law’s mandate, a policy and procedure has been adopted. Eligible nurses may receive a copy of these documents by contacting NYSNA’s Membership Department.

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