Thank You, Governor Cuomo

Thank You, Governor Cuomo!
Strong Unions Win Strong Worker Protections!
Victory for Nurses and Caregivers!

Governor Cuomo declares he will sponsor legislation and regulations setting safe staffing levels for nurses and caregivers in hospitals and nursing homes. 

Governor Cuomo orders penalty pay to be paid to each nurse and caregiver who misses meals and breaks! 

NYSNA nurses and our allies have rallied, marched, lobbied and even gone on strike to obtain safe staffing protections for nurses, caregivers and most importantly patients in all healthcare facilties. 

Today, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a statement affirming what every bedside nurse already knows - that there is a direct link between the quality of care and the number of patients that a nurse or other care giver is assigned to care for. 

The Governor also showed today that he understands that poor staffing forces nurses to work overtime and miss their meals and breaks, in violation of existing state laws regulating overtime pay, the right to breaks, and the prohibition of mandatory overtime. 

To stop these chronic abuses of frontline nurses and other care givers, Governor Cuomo will introduce and support legislation in January to authorize the State of New York Department of Health to establish enforceable regulations setting minimum safe staffing levels for nurses and other direct care workers in all of our hospitals and nursing homes. 

In the meantime, the Governor also has directed the State Department of Labor to strictly enforce existing state laws that protects nurses from involuntary overtime, guarantees the right to be paid for missed meal breaks and extra hours worked, and requires employers to provide proper coverage for nurses ensure the breaks and patient care needs are met. 

The Governor is directing the Department of Labor to “aggressively pursue” employers to provide penalty-pay directly to each nurse who is forced to work through their meals and breaks. 

Governor Cuomo’s action today is a historic step forward for nurses and caregivers that will immediately pressure employers to provide proper staffing, improve working conditions at the bedside and opens an immediate pathway to enactment of enforceable safe staffing regulations in our hospitals and nursing homes. 

When nurses and other health care workers are united in their unions and fight, they win! 

Click here to read the Governor’s groundbreaking statement and here to read NYSNA's announcement. For a copy of a flier to distribute to co-workers and allies click here!

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