NYC Private Hospital Bargaining

Over the last few weeks, NYSNA nurses in each of the five boroughs have begun negotiations with the private hospitals. While several hospitals are covered by the Alliance agreement, all NYC facilities are united by common demands. Be sure to check back to this page for all NYC hospital bargaining updates. 

The attached document was presented to all Alliance Hospitals, although similar common demands are being presented at all NYC hospitals in negotiations. 

What does RESPECT mean to these nurses? 

Read the latest Update HERE! 

Watch how NYSNA's Montefiore Bargaining Committee prepares to make contract presentations to management. We are placing patients first. 

Watch and learn about NYP bargaining efforts from nurses and organizers. 

Further updates by facility and date:

KJMC 12/10

TBHC 12/3

TBHC 11/14

FHMC 11/8

Wyckoff 10/4

Wyckoff 10/23

Wyckoff 11/19

KJMC 10/10

TBHC 8/15

TBHC 9/28

TBHC 10/12

MMC 10/22

IMC 10/12

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