Lobby Day 2019 - May 6

It's almost that time again, NYSNA's 2019 Lobby Day has been rescheduled to Monday, May 6th. With major NYSNA victories in both the New York State Senate and the Assembly, this is a great year to make a difference for our patients. We will be busing members from around the state.





"Lobbying for Safe Staffing to Improve Patient Outcomes" 2019

Learners will be awarded up to 6.0 contact hours/.6 CEUs for participating in the sessions and take home module included in this program.  In order to receive contact hours, learners must attend an entire session and complete an evaluation for that session. The agenda, session titles, purpose statements, and objectives for each educational session is posted online at www.nysna.org.


 Lobbying for Safe Staffing to Improve Patient Outcomes (Up to 5.0 CH/.5 CEU)

 Purpose Statement:

The research is clear: safe staffing ratios saves lives and improves patient outcomes.  Safe staffing ratios reduce ER rate times and lowers costs for both hospitals and the healthcare system as a whole.  Research also shows that short staffing harms patients as nurses are required to take on an increased workload and subsequently are unable to provide quality care in accordance with standards of practice.  Safe staffing laws and regulations, therefore, become necessary to insure that employers recognize the association between RN staffing and positive outcomes.  This program is intended for registered professional nurses and other licensed professional practitioners who want to learn the research behind why legislated safe staffing is necessary and effective lobbying techniques to drive valid, reliable, unit-by-unit nurse to patient ratios.


  • Paraphrase the research on how safe staffing protects patients and improves quality of care (1.25 CH/.1 CEU) (Bus training, on-site training)
  • Demonstrate nurse advocacy and lobbying techniques (2.5 CH/.3 CEU) (Lobbying practice)
  • Summarize why nurses need to lobby for changes in public policy to improve patient outcomes (.5 CH) (De-briefing)
  • Relate the value of lobbying and how it impacts the nursing workplace (.75 CH/.1 CEU) (Bus training, on-site training)



Safe Staffing in Hospitals: Improved Outcomes for Patients, Nurses and Hospitals (1.0 CH/.1 CEU--take home program)

 Purpose Statement: 

Hospital patients are sicker, on average, and require constant monitoring by qualified licensed professionals.  Therefore, staffing in hospitals is more important now than ever. Patient acuity is on the rise, length of stay is shortened, and patients are discharged more quickly.  These are added reasons for legislated nurse-to-patient ratios.  This program is intended for registered professional nurses and other licensed healthcare professionals who want to be versed in the literature surrounding safe staffing and patient outcomes and the economic benefits of safe staffing.


  • Examine how safe staffing saves lives and is an economically beneficial way to improve patient outcomes


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