Democracy in Action: NYSNA Election Results 2024

NYSNA Leaders at Convention 2023
NYSNA's Board of Directors met with special guests at Convention 2023. Many leaders were re-elected in 2024.

The power of our union is in the collective voices of nurses and healthcare professionals. Together, we are committed to our members’ democratic right to determine its leadership and the direction of our union. Today, NYSNA is proud to announce our newly elected 2024-2027 Board of Directors to represent members across the state, to strengthen our union, and to chart a path forward.

Thank you to our outgoing Board members and nominating committee for your service and fearless leadership.

Thank you to all the candidates for your advocacy and for stepping up to run in this election.

Thank you to all the members who voted in this election.

NYSNA members are ready to hit the ground running to build on our important work of advocating for our patients, professions and the communities we serve!

In solidarity,
Pat Kane, RN
Executive Director

2024 Board of Directors*

President: Nancy Hagans, RN
First Vice President: Judith Cutchin, RN
Second Vice President: Bill Schneider, RN
Secretary: Michelle Jones, RN
Treasurer: Margaret Franks, RN

Directors at Large

Marie Boyle, RN
Marion Enright, RN
Denash L. Forbes, RN
Flandersia Jones, RN
Sonia M. Lawrence, RN
Petar Lovric, RN
Ari Moma, RN
Aretha Morgan, RN
Jill E. Toledo, RN
Pauline Wallace, RN

Regional Directors

Southern Regional Director: Alizia McMyers, RN
Southeastern Regional Director: Christopher Honor, RN
Lower Hudson/NJ Regional Director: Mary-Lynn Boyts, RN
Central Regional Director: Catherine Dawson, RN
Eastern Regional Director: Victoria Davis-Courson, RN
Western Regional Director: John Batson, RN

*The audited election results are posted here.