Nurses Celebrate Mayor de Blasio's victory

Although the 2017 elections were local, the stakes were high throughout New York State. A statewide ballot initiative, along with several high-stakes mayoral and county executive elections, moved NYSNA’s Political Action Team to action.

NYSNA’s Voting Body met Thursday, Oct. 12, at the end of the NYSNA Convention.

The Voting Body approved three amendments to the NYSNA Bylaws:

On Monday, dozens of nurses answered the call from the AFYA Foundation to pack up urgent medical supply kits for the medical personnel in Puerto Rico. We spent the day packing up supplies.

New York City’s public hospital system is the city’s essential safety net provider and important for the survival of private hospitals. But according to a new report by two leading policy experts, Barbara Caress and James Parrott, public hospitals are forced to operate without fair and equal funding. Last year alone, the NYC public hospital system served almost five million out-patient visits and over 200 thousand in-patient admissions, many of them shunned by private hospitals.

NYSNA is organizing volunteers to assist with disaster recovery from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.