When 40,000 workers at AT&T announced that they would walk off the job Friday on May 19 if they haven't won a fair union contract, nurses stood at the ready to support them.

Candida auris (also referred to as C. auris), is a yeast-like fungus that has recently emerged as a worldwide invasive, multi-drug resistant pathogen. C.

Lorraine Pierre, RN, from Lincoln Hospital’s pediatric emergency department spoke passionately at a press conference about the impact excess trucks and pollution have on her young patients in the South Bronx.

Montefiore Health System, a profitable NYC hospital, insists there is “no money in the budget” for desperately needed nursing and support staff to address long wait times, overcrow

Fracked Bakken oil, which has the volatility of dynamite, is transported in train cars suitable for vegetable oil and orange juice, all over our state, including within one mile of