Let’s give a big welcome to our newest NYSNA sisters and brothers – the Certified RN Anesthetists at Mt. Sinai! On Friday the National Labor Relations Board certified the CRNAs' vote to join NYSNA.

“I am so proud to be part of this historical change at Mount Sinai – and honored to be part of a group of strong CRNAs standing up for change,” said Mary Jo Krauel, a Mt. Sinai CRNA and one of our newest NYSNA members. “Stand up for our values! Stand up with pride side by side with all nurses! Together we made history, and opened a door for other advanced practice nurses to have a collective voice!”

Congratulations are in order for the hardworking caregivers of 1199SEIU, who just settled a contract with the League of Voluntary Hospitals with no benefit takeaways, a significant wage increase, a

What would happen to our patients if they suddenly lost their access to water? That nightmare scenario is becoming reality in Detroit, where the anti-union governor has started shutting off the water for more than 100,000 Detroit people.

UPDATE from the campaign to stop Detroit water shutoffs: a judge has ordered a 15 day moratorium on shutoffs! We need to keep building our movement -- coast-to-coast -- to stop the attack on our patients and our communities. We're proud to stand with Michigan nurses to stop the shutoffs.


Under the rule of an unelected Emergency Manager, the city has been systematically turning off taps for those who are behind on even the smallest water bills. Families are being separated as parents send their kids out of the city. These shut-offs could be the first step in privatizing the city’s public water services—a gift to the same Wall Street interests that threw Detroit into bankruptcy. For Detroiters, it’s a full-blown healthcare emergency.

Detroiters are speaking up against this outrage. And NYSNA nurses joined them last week at a massive rally.

This spring, staffing at Presbyterian’s Children’s Hospital Emergency Department was getting just too low. We were struggling to make sure that our patients got the best possible care.

More than 100 nurses from the Capital Region came together on July 10 – and we voted unanimously to adopt NYSNA's Capital Region platform for Safe Staffing and Quality Care!

Nurses came together from union and nonunion facilities to set common priorities and a common strategy to protect caregivers, our patients, and our communities. Our platform calls for safe staffing, affordable healthcare for caregivers, fair wages that meet the state average, and protecting care in our communities.

Nurses at Montefiore's Weiler hospital have won a victory for Safe Staffing – and now 15 new RNs positions are on the fast track.

Before our campaign, patients and nurses in the Weiler Emergency Department faced inadequate staffing, overcrowding, delays in assessing and reassessing patients, and high turnover among RNs due to stressful working conditions.