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Ruth Hassell-Thompson stands with NYSNA members to protect patient care in Mount Vernon. NYSNA has endorsed Hassell-Thompson and other State Senate and Assembly candidates who stand with us in the New York State Primary Election Tuesday, Sept. 9.

NYSNA supports candidates who stand with us to protect our patients. Read more >>

More than 140 NYSNA nurses and supporters marched with homemade signs in front of Gloversville's Nathan Littauer Hospital this week. Our message: management needs to work with us to make sure our hospital is the best place to work and receive care.

Read more >>

Join NYSNA at the People's Climate March, Sunday, September 21.

Hurricane Sandy showed us a glimpse of the future, and it was scary. Four hospitals were shut down for months. Patients were stranded in their homes without electricity, running water, and medication. Traditional relief organizations were slow to respond, and caregivers like us had to help fill in the gaps. As the climate heats up, storms like Sandy are going to become more and more frequent. It's time for action. Read more >>


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