City Nurses: Saving Patients, Fighting to Save NY Public Hospitals

No one is ever turned away from the the New York Health and Hospital Corporation, or HHC — the city’s renowned flagship public hospital system. But Mayor Bloomberg is putting our public hospital safety net in danger — and putting the city’s future at risk.

We’re making the Mayor and public officials listen to us about the need for safe minimum staffing levels in all New York City hospitals.

We’re coming together to hold Bloomberg, and the next mayor, accountable for the city’s healthcare crisis and making sure every patient seeking care in one of the city’s 11 public hospitals receives care from a nurse when they need one.

HHC Nurse Profile

    Name: Emmanuel Bando, RN
    Unit: Ambulatory Care
    HHC Facility: Lincoln Hospital
    Originally from: Bacolod City, Philippines
    Years working as an HHC Nurse: 21 years

What’s the best thing about our HHC system?

The best thing about our HHC system is the magnitude of its healthcare operation, providing vast and comprehensive healthcare to the 5 boroughs of NYC. We cater to the underprivileged and others who lack access to health services. We provide nursing care that is safe and efficient, even though we are struggling with staffing.

Why are you and other HHC nurses fighting for safe RN staffing?

Safe RN staffing is important to me because no matter how competent or hardworking you are as a nurse, when you’re assigned 10 patients with grave acuity and there’s no other nurse, patients’ lives are at risk. We need safe staffing legislation now to protect the lives of our patients and advocate for their right to safe, quality care. Don’t we all want this?

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