Day of Workshops: Not Part of the Job..., Violence in Healthcare..., Ins and Outs ...: April 7 (NYSNA Westchester)

Not Part of the Job: Taking Action to Reduce Violence in Healthcare    

While the Joint Commission, Press Ganey and other organizations are starting to recognize the extent of violence in healthcare settings, frontline workers continue to face hazards on a daily basis. Using root cause analysis to assess risks, and engineering controls and policies to control hazards, it is possible to bring greater safety to the healthcare environment. This program will help prepare nurses for action that will bring about changes needed for a safer workplace.

Violence in Healthcare:  From Threats to Assault to Active Shooter

Healthcare facilities experience high rates of various types of workplace violence relative to other workplaces. This is true in New York State, where hospitals have also experienced an increasing rate of active shooter incidents in the past several years. While a full-scale active shooter incident may seem far removed from the day-to-day slap, kick, bite or threat, they share a number of root causes. Because of this we can implement preventative measures that reduce the risk of the full range of violence in the workplace, from getting spat upon to potential active shooter incidents. Nurses and other healthcare workers have a unique role to play in advocating for and winning health and safety protections to address all forms of violence in the workplace. In particular, informed, organize advocacy around active shooter prevention can result in a reduction in all forms of violence in the healthcare setting, while also addressing the specific ethical questions that surround healthcare workers dealing with an active shooter incident.

Ins and Outs of Workers’ Compensation                               

Reports of low back pain prevalence among nurses and other patient care workers range from 30% to 74%, with a recent study of hospital workers showing that the prevalence of self-reported musculoskeletal symptoms among nurses and patient care assistants was 74%.  Healthcare workers consistently rank among top occupations with disabling back conditions, primarily from patient handling activities, and low back pain is a significant contributor to today’s nursing shortage. Workers’ compensation claims are one of the important data sources used to estimate the scope of occupational injury and illness, prioritize resource allocation, and assess intervention usefulness.  As part of a larger effort to promote the physical health and well-being of nurses and other health care practitioners at the bedside, this program is intended to provide information on the workers compensation benefit system and the filing of claims, while concomitantly assessing the work environment, musculoskeletal symptoms, and workers’ compensation claims to proactively allocate resources to prevent such injuries.

These workshops are funded by a grant from the New York State Department of Labor, Contract #T19047GG.  Register by: March 31

Download the flier for more information and to register for the workshop.

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