Labor Education Workshop Materials

Below are the resources and materials shared with members during COVID Action Team (CAT) trainings:

  1. What is WhatsApp? (.pdf)
  2. Menu of Organizing Actions (.pdf)
  3. What Makes a Good Action (.pdf)
  4. Do’s and Don’ts of Building Solidarity (.pdf)
  5. The Key Steps in an Organizing Plan (worksheet; .pdf)
  6. AHUY: Devloping a Rap (.pdf)
  7. Your Legal Rights on the Job (.pdf)
  8. Meeting with Management: Guidelines (.pdf)
  9. Effective Design and Layout (.pdf)
  10. Articles that Inspire Action (.pdf)
  11. Elements of a Well-Organized Workplace (.pdf)
  12. Safe Staffing Toolkit: Pages 16-23 (.pdf)
  13. Sample Guidelines for Effective Union Committees (.pdf)
  14. Steward’s Guide to Answering Questions (.pdf)
  15. Explaining About Dues (.pdf)
  16. Answering Tough Questions (.pdf)

Zoom Tech Support

We will be using Zoom for all the educational sessions, and we strongly encourage you to use your computer or tablet in order to get the most out of each class. If you are unfamiliar with the technology, or wish to refresh your skills to make sure you get the most out of the sessions, please register for a training HERE.

Once you register for a class, please review these Zoom instructions. You will need to download Zoom, and test your video and audio settings, so please review the instructions in the days leading up to your workshop.

Finally, if you’ve attended a Zoom training and read the Zoom instructions, and you’re still stuck, e-mail

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