Disaster Recovery

Whenever there’s a disaster, nurses respond with heroism and skill. The skills required in the nursing process – medical and scientific expertise, a level head, and an understanding of the full range of human responses to illness – are the same skills needed in disaster recovery.

NYSNA’s disaster recovery work began in the days after Hurricane Sandy, when hundreds of nurses rushed into the devastation to help out. We went door-to-door in affected areas to assess medical needs and get medical attention to people without electricity or running water.

NYSNA RNs, Sandy Relief in the Rockaways

NYSNA RNs, Sandy Relief in Staten Island

On volunteering in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan

“It was tough. I’ve been on missions to the Philippines before, but never in a disaster situation… it humbled me to see so much suffering. I think the experience will help me be more patient. I received thank you letters that made me cry.”

- Nella Pineda-Marcon, Mt. Sinai Hospital

Interested in joining NYSNA’s Disaster Recovery Volunteer Team? Please complete this form, letting us know you’re available to volunteer.

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