What Is A Union?

NYSNA is an organization of nurses using our collective power to have a real say in our working conditions and patient care. We are New York's largest union and professional association for registered nurses – 40,000 nurses united to win safe staffing, stop hospital closures, defend professional wages and benefits, and fight for a just healthcare system that cares for all New Yorkers.  

“When I started at St. Clare’s, we didn’t have a union. Now we do — and we get a voice in changes that affect our patients and our working conditions. Nurses need a voice. That voice is NYSNA.”

- Carol Ann Lemon, RN, Ellis Hospital

“Our contract helps us protects nurses and protects our patients. Negotiations are about to start again, and I know that working together we can continue to protect what matters to us.”

- Allyson Selby, RN, New York Methodist

“By speaking out with one voice for patient care, our union promotes good practice and creates a safe and professional workplace.”

- Lisa Marie Scaccia, RN, Staten Island University Hospital

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RNs at Bellevue Woman's Center voted overwhelmingly to join our union!

"I am so proud to become a NYSNA member," said Chris McCann, a nursery RN, when she announced the results at a victory party.

“This election is a great victory for nurses, our patients, and our entire community,” said Christine Walthers, Bellevue RN and a leader of the organizing drive. “We decided to join NYSNA after management started to make changes to how we care for our patients – without consulting us. Nurses and our patients need a voice in healthcare. NYSNA is that voice.”

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