Our Victories

We Beat Back a Wall Street Takeover

New York remains the only state that forbids hospitals from being run for profit. In 2013, Wall Street and private equity firms tried to pass legislation to take over NY hospitals. A Duke University study found that patient deaths spike when hospitals switch to a for-profit model. We made thousands of calls. Lawmakers listened, and blocked three Wall Street-backed bills. Our fight is not over. Bankers have vowed to reverse our progress: we need all hands on deck to counter their efforts. 

We Are Keeping Hospitals Open For Care

In January 2013, SUNY announced plans to shut down LICH. We formed a coalition with doctors, the service union, and the community to wage a war against SUNY’s plan. After months of protest and legal actions that took us into the summer, two Supreme Court justices ruled that LICH cannot be closed.

We are Defending Strong RN Standards

From NYC's HHC system to Olean to Plattsburgh, NYSNA members have been uniting with patients to demand solid contracts that guarantee safe staffing. New Yorkers deserve appropriate nurse-patient ratios. Nurses at Olean used collective protests of assignment to call out administrators who have left dozens of positions unfilled. To read more about how you can organize collective POAs, click here.

When Sandy Hit, We United with the Community

NYNSA RNs rescued thousands of lives during and after Hurricane Sandy. At Bellevue, Coney Island, and Coler-Goldwater, we evacuated more than a thousand patients with no lights, no electricity, and no elevators. Not a single patient died or was left behind.Nurses worked with hard-hit communities in Staten Island, Red Hook, the Rockaways, and Long Island, setting up emergency field clinics and checking in door-to-door to make sure that thousands of New Yorkers with urgent medical issues received care. For more information on volunteering in ongoing relief work, click here.

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