Victory! NYSNA Keeps For-Profit Hospitals Out of New York

We won a major victory to stop the for-profit takeover of New York patient care.

We won this victory because of the work of thousands of NYSNA RNs. We made over 2,000 phone calls to lawmakers, and hundreds of us sat down with lawmakers.

Image: NYS Nurses Association

When the state held hearings on the budget, NYSNA was there to speak out against the for-profit attack on healthcare – and to speak up for the Certificate of Need process that gives communities a voice when hospitals want to close or cut services.

Here’s a small sample of NYSNA Board member and St. Luke’s RN Gwen Lancaster’s testimony:

“We believe the redesign will make it easier for large, private hospitals and hospital chains or systems to cut health services to already-underserved communities, and will shift the burden of caring for patients who rely on these services, to our state’s already over-extended public and community hospitals.”

This victory is just the beginning. We’ll keep oganizing to put patients before profits.

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