Win at Plainview Hospital

In a victory for nurses, the NLRB has ordered North Shore Long Island Jewish Plainview Hospital to reinstate Patricia Barozie, RN and LBU president. The Board ordered that she be made whole for any and all losses sustained.

Plainview Hospital nurses continue their corporate and community campaign to bring awareness to hospital conditions. Both active and retired members have mobilized and are speaking to and leafleting doctors at their offices.

Management has stonewalled the staffing committee; a request to have a NSLIJ executive intervene was ignored and management continues to retaliate against nurses.

But the NSLIJ strategy — “remain silent” — is not working, as grassroots efforts by the RNs have resulted in scores of protest calls placed to CEO Michael Fener by community residents — so many that the hospital is redirecting the calls to its public relations department.

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