NY Times editor praises Bellevue RNs

When NY Times executive editor Jill Abramson was hit by a delivery truck in Times Square, she went to Bellevue Hospital Center to begin her recovery. In a feature in The New York Times, she highlights the exemplary care she received from HHC nurses:

Dance with me, baby,” the night nurse crooned to me. Despite the morphine-induced fog clouding my brain that first week after the accident, I understood that she meant I was to collapse into her arms. Then, holding me like a limp rag doll, she lifted me upright and held my full weight. The new perspective was dizzying, since I’d been on my back, looking up, since the cops and the medics got to me.”

“The nurse, who had become my favorite, had stayed way past her quitting time that morning in order to transfer me into a wheelchair for the first time, and to take me for a ride from the Surgical I.C.U. to Bellevue Hospital Center’s tiny, wonderful one-room hair salon so I could get my hair washed. Since my arrival at the hospital six days earlier, I had had surgery to repair a broken left femur with a titanium rod, blood transfusions, stitches in my crushed right foot, an inferior vena cava filter inserted above my stomach to prevent blood clots and the extreme pain of a broken pelvis. But the thing making me most miserable in my immobilized, bedridden state was my filthy hair. In retrospect, that first terrifying, painful ride in the wheelchair was the beginning of my recovery.”

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Extraordinary care. It’s what HHC RNs deliver every day.