An expert opinion on safe staffing

“Safe staffing through ratios saves lives and makes financial sense,” says NYSNA Executive Director Jill Furillo, RN, in the “Expert Opinion” section of the latest City & State magazine. “This law is rooted in science and experience.”

When it comes to safe staffing, we are the experts. And our own experience is backed up by research.

While New York doesn’t yet have a ratio law on the books, other places do — with positive outcomes. In California, a law passed in 2004 has helped decrease RN turnover and improve job satisfaction for nurses. After the law went into effect, hospital income rose.

The Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act just passed the Assembly Health Committee. The bill would set mandatory minimum ratios in New York hospitals. For more, turn to page 16 of City & State online.

And check out the research on Safe Staffing in the new staffing section of NYSNA’s website.

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