NYSNA and 1199: We Care for New York!

Fe Condeno Lontoc, RN (left), pickets in East Harlem: “We need to protect NYC’s caregivers.”

Chanting “We Care for New York,” hundreds of NYSNA nurses and 1199SEIU caregivers picketed for respect at Brooklyn’s Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center and East Harlem’s Terence Cardinal Cooke long-term care facility on Wednesday.

More than 300 nurses and caregivers turned out at Terence Cardinal Cooke. “We’re out today to stand up for our patients. We need to protect NYC’s caregivers,” said Fe Condeno Lontoc, RN and a member of the NYSNA bargaining committee at TCC.

Her colleague on the bargaining team, Xin Liu, RN, agreed: “What we want is simple: safe staffing and respect for patients and caregivers.”

NYSNA and 1199 are united to win contracts that protect New York patients and communities.

NYSNA nurses turned out in force at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center.

In Brooklyn, NYSNA and 1199 joined forces outside of Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center.

“We’re picketing alongside 1199 to show our unity,” said Vivienne Phillips, an RN and chairman of NYSNA at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in Brooklyn. “We are one and we have to work together in order to protect our patients.”

Kingsbrook execs have put Rutland Nursing Home up for sale. “We have many questions and no answers,” Phillips said. “We need clarity about the future of patient care at Kingsbrook.”

Click here to see an album of photos from the action on Facebook.

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