Capital District RNs Unite

More than 100 nurses from the Capital Region came together on July 10 – and we voted unanimously to adopt NYSNA's Capital Region platform for Safe Staffing and Quality Care!

Nurses came together from union and nonunion facilities to set common priorities and a common strategy to protect caregivers, our patients, and our communities. Our platform calls for:

  • Safe staffing and quality care
  • Affordable healthcare for caregivers
  • Retirement with dignity
  • Fair wages meeting the state average
  • Union protections for patient advocacy
  • Protecting community healthcare

Nurses at more than half of upstate hospitals don't have a union – and standards for nurses and patients have fallen behind. "We have some work to do!" said NYSNA Board Member Carol Ann Lemon, RN.

Capital District hospitals have caught merger mania. And that means more and more patient care decisions are being taken out of the hands of caregivers. "With increased corporatization and mergers, hospital executives are sacrificing our practice in the name of streamlining services," said NYSNA Executive Director Jill Furillo, RN.

Todd Torbitt, an RN at Utica's St. Elizabeth's, has worked in nonunion facilities: "I've worked nonunion in the past and I know what's it like. Being united in a union means we all support each to do what's right for our patients."

NYSNA RNs in the Capital Region will meet again on Wednesday, Aug. 27 at 5 pm. Talk to your NYSNA delegate, rep or organizer to RSVP.

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