Mt. Sinai CRNAs join NYSNA

Let’s give a big welcome to our newest NYSNA sisters and brothers – the Certified RN Anesthetists at Mt. Sinai! On Friday the National Labor Relations Board certified the CRNAs' vote to join NYSNA.

“I am so proud to be part of this historical change at Mount Sinai – and honored to be part of a group of strong CRNAs standing up for change,” said Mary Jo Krauel, a Mt. Sinai CRNA and one of our newest NYSNA members. “Stand up for our values! Stand up with pride side by side with all nurses! Together we made history, and opened a door for other advanced practice nurses to have a collective voice!”

Audrey Ludmer, RN, the president of the NYSNA local bargaining unit at Mt Sinai, spearheaded the unity effort: “We are very happy and proud to welcome the CRNAs to NYSNA. It's been wonderful to share their enthusiastic team approach to this process. We never doubted the outcome. I look forward to all of us working together.”

With buttons that said “Professional nurses stronger united,” hundreds of Sinai nurses supported our new members.

NYSNA is growing! Last year, NYSNA’s Board of Directors created a New Organizing program to help nonunion nurses join our union. Mt. Sinai CRNAs are the third group to join NYSNA since we took this step towards unity. Across New York State, thousands of nurses still don’t have a union. Let’s keep working together!

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