Bronx Midwives Ratify First Contract

On Tuesday, July 29, midwives from Jacobi Medical Center and North Central Bronx Hospital voted unanimously to ratify our first ever contract with PAGNY!

“After five years, we are elated,” said Sonia Braham, CNM. “It’s exciting. For me – and for the new people. One midwife I know who has been working for three years and no raise. In terms of attracting and retaining people with experience, this will make a great difference for patient care.”

Bronx mothers and their babies deserve strong and vibrant care. Midwives are on the frontlines treating and advising patients every day. Having a contract gives us a say in our work, our job security, and patient care. Our contract will help us retain and recruit experienced nurses and rebuild our midwifery program in the North Bronx Healthcare Network.

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