NY-Presbyterian RNs Win Ebola Protections

Thanks to NYSNA advocacy, NY-Presbyterian has agreed to safe Ebola protocols.
NYSNA submitted language to NY-Presbyterian, calling for safe Ebola protocols in line with those of the University of Nebraska and Emory University, where Ebola has been treated successfully, and exceeding the protocols from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). On Wednesday, Anthony Ciampa, NY-Presby RN and NYSNA board member, raised concerns about training protocols on a call organized by National Nurses United with 11,500 nurses from across the country, as well as national reporters.
Now, NY-Presbyterian has agreed to follow protocols in line with those of the University of Nebraska and Emory University:

  • Optimal personal protective equipment, including full-body hazmat suits
  • Intensive training and retraining of nurses who work in entry points, including ERs and clinics
  • A dedicated team of 40 intensively trained, in-patient RNs, with at least 20 designated to care for any affected patient, rotated every 3-4 hours
  • Infectious disease experts on site, 24/7, monitoring any affected patients
  • Negative pressure rooms for any affected patients with ante-rooms for donning and doffing
  • A large, interdisciplinary hospital committee with significant RN representation

New York’s flagship public hospital, Bellevue Hospital Center, has already taken the lead on putting in place safe protocols for handling infectious diseases. NYSNA is calling on hospitals throughout the state to join with us to ensure that every possible measure is taken to protect patients and caregivers from the spread of the Ebola virus disease.