Long Island RNs Win New Contracts With North Shore-LIJ

After months of negotiations, nurses from Franklin, Plainview, and Syosset Hospitals and the management of North Shore-LIJ Health Systems have agreed to new contracts that secure vital patient protections and that guarantee skilled nurses within the region.

Our new contracts include 3% wage increases per year, with Franklin nurses receiving retro pay for their previously expired contract – making NYSNA nurses among the highest paid RNs in the NS-LIJ system. We were able to keep our current health and pension plans and make significant improvements to hospital working conditions with no givebacks.

“We are pleased that we have successfully completed contract negotiations with North Shore-LIJ management. These contracts enhance our nursing practice and protect our patients and communities,” said Leesa John, an RN who has worked at Franklin Hospital for 10 years. “Working collaboratively, our nurses and management were able to achieve a fair contract that protects Long Island patients and ensures a continued working relationship between staff and the North Shore-LIJ health system.”

These contracts will allow us to better support our families and care for our patients and, at the same time, send a powerful message to other nurses, caregivers and Long Island patients: When we stand united and speak up for our patients, we can win!

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