NYSNA Voter Guide 2016

The NYSNA Voter Guide 2016 provides endorsements for State Assembly and State Senate races, and for President of the United States. You can download a copy of the NYSNA 2016 Voter Guide (.pdf).

The guide lists candidates for elected office — 116 for Assembly, 43 for Senate — who have been endorsed by NYSNA. In the case of former Secretary of State Clinton, NYSNA carried out a member poll/vote, in which 3,661 voted and the result was 68% for Clinton. By a solid majority members voted for Hillary Clinton, and her endorsement reflects the vote of the majority of members voting. Our ability to pass safe staffing, healthcare for all and other important legislation depends on each of us doing our part to elect (and in many cases re-elect) candidates who have stood with nurses on safe staffing and will stand with us to do what’s right for New Yorkers.

For NYSNA Nurses who live in New Jersey, we’ve prepared a NYSNA 2016 Voter Guide - New Jersey Edition (.pdf) as well, with endorsements for Candidates in New Jersey elections.

For NYSNA Nurses who live in Pennsylvania, see the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Endorsed Candidates.