Winter Storm Riley Update

On Friday, March 1, Winter Storm Warnings were issued throughout New York State due to Winter Storm Riley. Downstate was hit with rain and high winds, causing flooding and power outages. Rain and snow fall was heavy in much of Upstate, with accumulation exceeding predictions in some areas. This Nor'easter was declared a life and death situation by the National Weather Service in Boston, and other parts of the country were hit hard, as well. Some coastal areas are still reeling from the storm.

We urge New Yorkers to be prepared for extremely hazardous/dangerous travel due to snow covered roads, flooding and poor visibilities. 

For up-to-date weather updates by city and county, visit the National Weather Service's New York State page. 

For concerns about your role as an emergency responder, please read the letter below: 

Dear NYSNA Nurse,

Nurses always stand ready to respond to any emergency, and thousands of NYSNA members will always be on the front lines responding to seasonal hurricanes and winter storm blizzards.

NYSNA continues to engage with employers in all potentially affected areas about our recommendations for emergency preparation. NYSNA nurses stand ready to meet any emergency with any and all appropriate measures. However, we always need to be informed of efforts underway and concrete planning accomplished to address emergency conditions.

We are asking hospital management to establish a clear command and communication structure, including local NYSNA leaders, and to make appropriate plans for staffing and for nurses who must travel long distances to work. Click here to see our full sample letter to hospital management.

Please keep careful records of all your time worked, as well as what accommodations are provided for you, including meals, emergency transportation to work, sleeping arrangements, and access to showers. And please keep careful records of staffing and any staffing issues on your unit.

NYSNA will post regular updates on our Facebook pageTwitter, and a special Extreme Weather section of our blog when an official emergency is declared.

If you have any questions during an extreme weather emergency or concerns, contact your NYSNA delegate or representative. We have also established a weather emergency hotline phone number and e-mail address. NYSNA staff will be checking these mailboxes periodically during the emergency and forwarding your messages to the staff person assigned to your area. Here’s how to reach the hotline:

  • e-Mail
  • Call 212-785-0157 and dial extension 193. [NOTE: you must wait for the first greeting to fully end before you can dial the extension to leave a message. Be sure to dial the extension so we can address your concerns as soon as possible.]

Please include your name, mobile phone number, and the name of your facility, and a NYSNA representative will contact you as soon as possible.

If you have a true emergency, please call 911 right away.

I am so proud to work with nurses like you.

In solidarity,
Jill Furillo, RN
NYSNA Executive Director