Mexico Medical Mission a Success!

The medical mission to Mexico held in the City of Hidalgo and Ejido La Libertad was a huge success! Hosted by Ciudad de Hidalgo, we served about 500 patients, mostly women and children (176 pediatrics patients). We provided free medical screening, consultation and medicine. The local residents were very thankful of our service. 

Our medical team, who had a memorable and life-changing experience, consisted of 12 medical professionals and volunteers: 3 doctors (1 ER, 1 pediatrics, & 1 endocrinologist), 2 nurse practitioners (1 pediatrics & 1 OB), 3 registered nurses, 1 public health professional, 1 pharmacy tech, and 2 staff. We were assisted by local volunteers: 1 medical doctor, 1 registered nurse 6 interpreters, 8 community health workshop and several local volunteers.

Check out our collection of photos of the mission here! 

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