Vassar Brothers RNs: Patients Over Profits!

Vassar Brothers Medical Center nurses are demanding its hospital to put patients over profits.Today, we are sounding the alarm. Health Quest’s $2.4B merger resulting in Nuvance Health completely disregards the needs of patients and nurses. This merger is the definition of corporate greed, and we are standing up for our patients!

Vassar Brothers Medical Center Nurses are not going down without a fight because when we are united, we are never defeated.

The following are excerpts from news coverage of a recent rally held by Vassar Brothers Medical Center RNs:

  • “Quality over quantity is not a choice for the nurses at Vassar Brothers Medical Center, they are fighting for both.” – Spectrum News
  • “At a rally in front of the hospital on Wednesday, dozens of nurses, represented by the New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA), rallied to bring awareness to what they deem “unsafe” conditions that risk patient health.” – Mid-Hudson News

NYSNA nurses have been demanding patient rights for years, and this merger will not change that.


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