Honoring Dr. King’s Legacy, NYSNA Members Speak Out for Justice

As one of the organizers and leaders of America’s Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. issued a clear call for justice on behalf of African Americans and the entire working class. His words ring as true today as ever.

Today, NYSNA member leaders are speaking out. Beginning January 18, NYSNA will highlight member’s voices on social media. Send us your picture and a short quote (under 280 words), using one of the prompts below. We will feature your submissions on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and in the February issue of NY Nurse!

We want you to let everyone know:

  • Why does MLK’s vision still resonate today?
  • Why is his call for racial and economic justice so important today?
  • As nurses, how can we uphold and work towards achieving King’s vision of equality and justice for all?

E-mail your photo and quote to us today, as we continue to speak up and speak out for racial and economic justice!