Speakout for Safe Staffing!

On Tuesday, March 16, join nurses and healthcare professionals around the state for a virtual Day of Action to demand safe staffing standards in New York State!

Community, labor, and elected allies can download our social media guide and participate in the Day of Action.


Call 800-213-0197 and leave a message for your elected officials demanding safe staffing.


Post your selfie or video explaining why #SafeStaffingSavesLives!

Join the conversation online with nurses, patient advocates, and allies around the state speaking out for safe staffing. Follow the conversation using the following:


We need to send the message to state lawmakers that New York’s healthcare heroes need real support to care for all patients through this pandemic and beyond. We need safe staffing standards!

CALL your state lawmakers and urge them support the Safe Staffing bill!

Call them at (800) 213-0197 and leave a message.

You can check if they have already co-sponsored. If they have, thank them and urge them to pass safe staffing this year! SHARE this easy way for friends and family to email their legislators in support of safe staffing: campaignforpatientsafety.org/take-action.

SHARE a selfie picture or video saying why nurses need Safe Staffing on social media!

Be sure to tag @nynurses, send to your Rep or anne.songcayauon@nysna.org or upload to https://bit.ly/nycovideos. If you want to print your message on a sign, here’s a template you can use.

Here are tips for recording your video:

  • Keep it under 30 seconds.
  • Wear your scrubs and PPE.
  • Say your name and hospital and explain your concerns for nurse and patient safety when staffing is too short. What’s the one thing people should know about safe staffing? Why are you advocating for your patients? What are you asking lawmakers to do? Why is having one, universal, safe standard for all New York’s patients in hospitals and nursing homes so important?
  • End your video with “safe staffing saves lives.”


POST on social media to spread the message about safe staffing. Check out sample posts below:

  • Over a year ago, hospital systems everywhere were overwhelmed and underprepared. 500k U.S. deaths later, there should be no excuse for the lack of protocols and staffing to safely care for all patients. #SafeStaffingSavesLives @nynurses
  • Nurses and healthcare workers know we’re not out of the woods yet. COVID variants are emerging and new COVID cases are not declining in NYC as quickly as in other regions of the state, the need for safe staffing is urgent. @nynurses http://www.campaignforpatientsafety.org/take-action
  • One year ago, nurses feared for their lives & the lives of our patients in the face of the rising #COVID pandemic. One year later, nurses are outraged that hospitals are still understaffed & underprepared. #SafeStaffingSavesLives @nynurses
  • I am a nurse in solidarity with @MountSinaiNYC and @nyphospital nurses, speaking out because #SafeStaffingSavesLives! @nynurses Tell Albany to pass Safe Staffing: campaignforpatientsafety.org/take-action
  • 1 year = too long to still be caring for #COVID19 patients with too few nurses. Let’s make sure ALL patients get the care they need. #SafeStaffingSavesLives @nynurses