Breaking: Safe Staffing is on the move!

The staffing bills that were reintroduced in the state legislature are gaining momentum! Yesterday, the hospital staffing bill passed another hurdle on its way to becoming law. The bills could come to a vote on the full floor of the State Senate and Assembly very soon!

Nurses have been on the frontlines of the fight for safe staffing for decades. We know firsthand how patient care—and our own health and safety—suffers when healthcare facilities are chronically understaffed. Finally, we could have a strong law and the tools we need to advocate for our patients!  

Tell your legislators to support safe staffing!

The staffing legislation consists of two bills—a hospital staffing committees bill (A108B/S1168A), and a standard minimum nursing home staffing levels bill (A7119/S6346). Both bills are sponsored by Aileen Gunther in the Assembly and Gustavo Rivera in the State Senate. These bills will establish a clear process for setting and enforcing staffing standards in every unit in every hospital and nursing home in the state.  

Help us spread the word. Download and share the flyer.

Let’s make these bills a reality for nurses, healthcare professionals, and patients throughout the state. Already e-mailed or called your legislator? Sign up to be a Safe Staffing Captain today!

These bills will help us improve staffing levels and increase hospital accountability and transparency, but we know our work won’t be done even after we get this bill passed. We will need to stay organized and vigilant to enforce this win and build upon it to achieve our goal of statewide safe staffing ratios, and quality healthcare for ALL New Yorkers. Let’s do this.  

In solidarity,
Pat Kane, RN
NYSNA Executive Director