Breaking: Staffing Bills Land on the Governor’s Desk

After more than a decade of advocacy by NYSNA nurses and healthcare professionals, landmark staffing legislation for our hospitals and nursing homes has finally landed on the Governor’s desk ready to be signed! For the first time in New York State, there could soon be a process for setting and enforcing staffing standards for registered nurses and all direct care staff at every hospital and nursing home—regardless of whether the facility is public or private, not-for-profit or for-profit, union or non-union.

We’re close to crossing the finish line and winning a strong law. Now we need to make sure Governor Cuomo signs BOTH staffing bills into law!

Sign the Petition: Tell Governor Cuomo to sign the bills!

We are urging Governor to support New York’s nurses, frontline healthcare workers, patients, and nursing home residents by signing the bills, so they can go into effect on January 1, 2022.

The state legislature already passed the staffing bills — now it’s up to the Governor to make transparent staffing standards the law in every hospital and nursing home in the state!

Finally, we could have legislation that will codify mandatory staffing levels at all hospitals and nursing homes in New York and open the pathway to future universal ratios.

But we know the fight doesn’t end here. We must build upon this victory by organizing strong staffing committees, enforcing staffing standards, monitoring our progress, and continuing to push for equitable, universal minimum safe staffing standards for all hospitals and nursing homes, regardless of zip code.

To achieve our ultimate goal of winning universal safe staffing standards and enforcing them, we need to be organized.

Sign up to be a staffing captain today!