NY Relief Network 2022 Calendar

NYSNA and the New York Relief Network (NYRN) are pleased to announce the NYRN 2022 Medical and Educational Missions. We’re pleased to be continuing NYRN’s important work, and encourage all of you to join us as we bring the compassion, care, and expertise of NYSNA nurses to where they are most needed around the world. Download and share the calendar. PLEASE NOTE: All scheduling is subject to change in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and any related governmental restrictions regarding travel. NYRN assumes no liability for any expenses incurred by participants due to changes in this calendar.

For more information, e-mail Rony Curvelo and indicate where you work and which trip you are interested in.

Please Note: Events marked as “CLOSED” are full and will not be accepting more registrants. If you would like to be placed on a wait list, e-mail Rony at the link above. Please feel free to share the calendar with friends, colleagues, and others who may be interested in this vital work.

2022 New York Relief Network Upcoming Events

  • Dominican Republic, Jan. 12-16, (Medical Mission)
  • Thailand, Feb. 10-18, (Medical Mission)
  • Mexico, Tijuana, Mar. 10-14, (Medical Mission)
  • Cuba, April 7-11, (Educational Mission) - CLOSED
  • Ghana, April 21-29, (Medical Mission)
  • Peru, May 11-18, (Medical Mission)
  • El Salvador, June 8-13, (Medical Mission)
  • Mexico, Matamoros, July 6-10, (Medical Mission)
  • Egypt, August 21-29, (Medical Mission) - CLOSED
  • India and Nepal, Sept. 14-28, (Medical Mission)
  • Nepal, Sept. 14-20, (Medical Mission)
  • India, Sept. 20-28, (Medical Mission)
  • Puerto Rico, Oct. 12-16, (Medical Mission)
  • Brazil, Nov. 10-19, (Medical Mission)

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Additional NYRN Information

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