NYSNA Board of Directors Statement on Ukraine

NYSNA is in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine in calling for an immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine and a peaceful, diplomatic solution to this international crisis.

Everyday people, organizations, and nations must denounce Russia’s invasion of the sovereign democratic nation of Ukraine. This unconscionable act of aggression is fueling a humanitarian crisis and leading to more people being injured, displaced and killed every day. We are in solidarity with the people of Russia who despite threats and repression, are out in the streets protesting this attack and demanding peace.

We are especially holding Ukrainian nurses, healthcare workers, and first responders in our thoughts and prayers. Hospitals throughout Ukraine were recently overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients, and now they are being overwhelmed by the grave injuries and deaths of civilians, including children. We commend the brave Ukrainians who are waiting in line for hours at hospitals to donate blood to the victims of this invasion.

We are also holding our Ukrainian-American members and colleagues in the U.S. in our hearts, as they fear for the safety of family and friends in their home country. Our message to them and to the Ukrainian people is that we care for you, we will support you in this terrible time, and we will continue to work toward a more peaceful world.