A journey to Mexico

NYSNA nurses are always on the frontlines of healthcare, whether at our hospitals, providing relief in the aftermath of a devastating hurricane, or on the Mexican border witnessing first-hand the impacts of a humanitarian crisis.

In late February, NYSNA traveled to Tijuana, Mexico, to join area organizations in providing essential healthcare services to Central Americans fleeing violence in their homelands. The Northern Triangle of Central America is a place of serious deprivation, and currently one of the most dangerous regions in the world.

A passion for service

NYSNA’s team included nine nurses and one doctor, with three local volunteers assisting with interpretation. Over three days, the group provided nearly 200 medical consultations to patients from five countries in 10 area shelters, including pregnant women, teenagers and families traveling with children.

The migrants had traveled north to the border, sleeping on floors for weeks, many of them walking more than 1,000 miles. The hazardous journey along the migration route exposed them to numerous health risks and still more violence. They then faced the precarious challenges of living in shelters.

Providing care to these refugees was both gratifying and humbling. For the nurses, the passion for service knows no boundaries.

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