New York Nurses Vote

When New York nurses vote, patients and communities win!

Our ability to pass safe staffing, healthcare for all and other important legislation depends on each of us doing our part to elect (and in many cases re-elect) candidates who have stood with nurses on safe staffing, and will stand with us to do what’s right for New Yorkers.

“I think it’s important to vote for a lot of reasons. As a healthcare professional, a lot of the things that I deal with and manage are legislated by the people we put in office. I also feel that it’s important to vote because I’m a person of color and I’m a woman, and we haven’t always had the right to vote. And there are people who fought and died for this right, and it seems remiss of me to not exercise it.”

Mary Oyedijo, RN, Lincoln Hospital

New York's general election is being held on November 3. Get more information about how to vote and upcoming deadlines below, then make YOUR plan to vote!

Learn about your right to take time off to vote! Make sure to plan ahead.

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