NYSNA Nurses Take Message Directly to New Yorkers with Massive Statewide Ad Campaign

Nurses and healthcare professionals have spent the past few years sacrificing for the greater good. Nurses have put their and their families’ lives on the line to ensure our communities, including patients, had what they needed during a devastating pandemic.

Now, NYSNA members are preparing to go to bat, once again, for patients and our communities. In a few months, over 30,000 nurses will go to 32 tables across New York state and bargain to improve working conditions, staffing levels, and compensation.

On August 18, NYSNA members officially launched a “We Love NY Nurses” campaign. The campaign centers the thousands of New York nurses with contracts expiring on December 31. It is meant to support nurses and healthcare professionals as they negotiate for:

  • Improved patient care
  • Fair wages
  • Safe staffing
  • Dignity in retirement
  • Quality, affordable healthcare for all

The campaign

The effort includes a massive paid media component which will take the message of our members to more than 4 million people, generating more than 15 million impressions per week. The ads will run between September 5 and Oct. 30, 2022, and include more than 450 outdoor ads across New York, with more than 200 in Manhattan alone.

Widespread Coverage

We also secured static and digital as well as motion-based bulletins around hospitals that are in NYC bargaining as well as high-visibility areas coming into the city, including: Staten Island ferries, The George Washington Bridge, all subways to and from Queens, Brooklyn and The Bronx and Manhattan.

Our member’s message will be displayed in the following locations:

  • 200 Subway boards — citywide coverage skewed to stations near hospitals and high traffic
  • 75 Urban Panels in Manhattan (above ground/as they go down the stairs to the subway
  • 50 Bus Tails on Staten Island
  • 40 different point of care offices (doctor offices, urgent cares, clinics)
  • 18 hand sanitizer stations at pharmacies across the city
  • 8 Large Bulletins including one “spectacular”
  • 3 billboards on Staten Island Ferry, to and from Manhattan

We want to put a face on nursing, so we arranged a photoshoot with 25 NYSNA members from all hospitals that are bargaining as well as Board of Directors and President Nancy Hagans. The people who care for us at the bedside have lives and their lives and their work matter.

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