Legislative Issues

NYSNA nurses make our voices heard in Albany to protect our patients and our practice. We are building a movement to win safe staffing and healthcare for all — and to ensure every New York patient gets the care they deserve.

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The New York State budget that was passed late on May 2 adds $2 billion to the governor’s initial budget proposal, for a final state budget of $229 billion for FY 2024.

NYSNA nurses and healthcare professionals won some important victories as the state legislative session ended late last week!

After weeks of advocacy and action, we have a final state budget for FY2022-2023 that adds $4 billion to the original Executive Proposal, raising total state spending from $216 billion to $220 bill

The recently concluded state legislative session resulted in some important victories for NYSNA members and our patients beyond the hospital and nursing home staffing victories, including: