Political Action

NYSNA advocates for laws that set safe staffing levels, protect nursing and our patients, and guarantee healthcare for all. The future of New York healthcare is at stake.

We know from experience that when nurses speak, the public, press and lawmakers listen. Find your elected officials here. Below are tools to inform and empower you to make a difference. 

The recently concluded state legislative session resulted in some important victories for NYSNA members and our patients beyond the hospital and nursing home staffing victories, including:

When New York nurses vote, patients and communities win! Find NYSNA-endorsed candidates, your polling information, and more about your voting rights right here.

Nurses are being forced to take on 9, 10, or more patients at once. That's too many. We're fighting for a law to set safe staffing ratios.

NYSNA nurses make our voices heard in Albany to protect our patients and our practice.

NYSNA's mission is to care for all New Yorkers. That's why we endorse a single-payer Medicare for All system that ensures access to high-quality care for everyone

Wall Street, private equity firms, and big out-of-state hospital chains want to take over New York hospitals. That would be a disaster for New York patients. NYSNA is fighting back.

NYSNA is proud to care for ALL New Yorkers. One way that we showcase our important role in the community and our dedication to caring and service is by participating in political, community and cultural events throughout the state. Check out our list of upcoming events and learn how you can participate and represent our profession and our union!