Solidarity in Action

Never has it been more important to stand side by side with our union sisters and brothers to fight for fairness and representation. We stand together in solidarity with thousands of other hardworking union members across the country who want nothing more than to be able to do their jobs well and take care of their families. As nurses, we pride ourselves on always being on the frontlines. 

After more than a year of salary negotiations between the Denver teachers union and the school district, schoolteachers are officially on strike!

The nurses of Massachusetts are in the closing days of their campaign to pass a ballot initiative, Question 1, The Patient Safety Act, which will set a safe limit on the number of patients assigned

NYSNA stands in solidarity with the courageous teachers striking in Colorado and Arizona today. As nurses, we applaud them for taking a stand for their students.

We stand in solidarity with the graduate students at Columbia University in the City of New York, who are striking for union recognition. NYSNA Board Members Sean Petty, RN, and Nella Pineda-Marcon, RN, walked the picket line with graduate workers, sending the message that we will be there until they win!

Thousands of teachers in Oklahoma and Kentucky protested cuts in pay, benefits and school funding on Monday, walking off the job and descending upon the halls of power in their state capitals.

We stand together with our 1,400 union brothers and sisters at the Communication Workers of America (CWA), who are on strike in West Virginia fighting for fairer contracts and better treatment.

In late February, a delegation of five NYSNA nurses traveled to India for our first-ever International Solidarity Mission to that country. Members of the

Hats off to the rank-and-file teachers of AFT-West Virginia. Despite a number of mixed messages from elected leaders, you held the line and you won!

When 40,000 workers at AT&T announced that they would walk off the job Friday on May 19 if they haven't won a fair union contract, nurses stood at the ready to support them.

All across the country, nurses face many of the same issues: unsafe staffing, administrators who care more about profits than patients, and a disrespect for our profession based on the view that nu

On Wednesday, April 15, NYSNA members will join Fight for $15 at their New York City rally to fight for fair pay for fast food and other low-wage workers.