New York State Nurses Association Commends Cheektowaga Town Council for Passing a Resolution in Support of New York Health Act

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Thirteen Municipalities Have Now Passed Resolutions in Support Of Universal Healthcare in New York State

Resolution Vote Happens on the Same Day the Assembly Health Committee Advances the Bill

CHEEKTOWAGA, NY The New York State Nurses Association today commends the Cheektowaga Town Council for passing a resolution in support of the New York Health Act. The vote, which took place last night, was unanimous.

The vote on the resolution occurred on the same day that the Assembly Health Committee advanced the bill. It is expected to pass the full Assembly later this session.

The New York Health Act (A. 4738 / S. 4840) would replace the commercial insurance system with a single-payer system that would provide all New Yorkers with comprehensive, universal health coverage and the ability to choose providers, while eliminating financial barriers to care.

The New York State Nurses Association applauds the Town Council’s endorsement of legislation that would ensure all Cheektowaga residents have access to high-quality care.

"Working families in my town, and all over New York, are paying more and more for healthcare. The New York Health Act will get those rising costs under control and it will do so while extending basic health coverage to each and every New Yorker. It's time that New York make true on the idea that access to basic healthcare is a right,” said Brian Nowak, Cheektowaga Council Member.

“Too many patients delay seeking care until they face serious health issues because they can’t afford to see a doctor. They then have to fight with insurance companies to approve the care they desperately need. This bill will improve patient outcomes and keep families from going bankrupt just because someone has a health issue,” said Steve Bailey, RN, New York State Nurses Association.

The effort was backed by the Campaign for New York Health, a statewide coalition of organizations, healthcare workers and community leaders committed to winning guaranteed healthcare for all New York residents.

Twelve other municipalities have already passed resolutions supporting the bill including:

  • Buffalo Common Council

  • Ithaca Common Council

  • Rockland County Legislature

  • Sullivan County Legislature

  • Tompkins County Council of Governments

  • Tompkins County Legislature

  • Town of Caroline

  • Town of Enfield

  • Town of Ithaca

  • Town of New Paltz

  • Town of Ulysses

  • Westchester County Board of Legislators

    Manhattan Community Board 12 and the New York State Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislative Caucus have also passed resolutions of support.

    The State Assembly previously passed the New York Health Act in 2015, 2016, and 2017. The bill has support from nearly a majority in the State Senate, with all eyes on the April special elections.

" I personally know three Cheektowaga residents who have had to resort to extreme fundraising

to help defray the cost of treatment of serious illnesses for themselves or a loved one. No one

should have to worry that they will have to declare bankruptcy due to needed life-saving

medical treatment that is beyond their reach financially. I believe quality healthcare is a human

right, not a privilege available only to those who can afford it and that is why I support the New

York Health Act," said Sandy Przybylak, Cheektowaga resident and volunteer with the Campaign

for New York Health.

Health insurance is a significant cost to our government and schools. To me, this means my children’s schools can put more money into their education, rewarding extra-curricular activities, and the needed security of keeping them safe," said Monica Elderkin, Trustee of Stronger Together WNY, Corp.


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