Strike resonates at Terence Cardinal Cooke

The decision by management at Terrence Cardinal Cooke (TCC) to continually cut staffing levels provoked NYSNA RNs to engage in a one-day strike on August 15. More than 60 nurses participated – some had just finished the night shift.

“You’re rushing around all the time trying to keep up, which means that the kind of individual attention that our patients with acute medical issues deserve is really suffering,” said Eufemia Dalapag, RN.

The action came after months of what’s been described by observers as a “disrespectful and dismissive” attitude of TCC managers.

Gaining ground

The strike action has produced results. ArchCare, which manages TCC, agreed to continue pension contributions and promised to pay RNs’ 2014 experience step increase, owed but withheld.

Earlier, nurses won at the National Labor Relations Board, allowing a complaint against TCC regarding its refusal to share staffing data. TCC management now says it will provide that information.

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