Supporting sisterhood on Staten Island

NYSNA was on the scene at a seminar held by the Sisterhood of Women’s Organizations in Ocean View, Staten Island. Speakers addressed the challenge, “What About Me? Envision Your Future.” NYSNA Treasurer Pat Kane, an RN at Staten Island University Hospital where the event was held, spoke to the need for recognition of nurses in promoting women’s heath and well being in the context of patient rights. “We always speak for patients’ rights,” she reminded an audience of active women from the area. “We’re listening. We’re here to help.”

Building community strength

Other RNs from SIUH in attendance included NYSNA members Martha Gonzales, June Haran, Alicja Janowicz, and Helene Lapolla. “Sisterhood is about all women standing strong. I’m always here for that,” said Lapolla, who works at Rehab with Janowicz. Community cooperation is important for nurses, Gonzales pointed out: “We need affordable daycare and other support.”

NYSNA takes part in such events to build community connections and join the urgent discussion among area women. Approximately 36% of single women with children in Staten Island live below the poverty line, up from 33.3% in 2011.

The Sisterhood of Women’s Organizations was formed when the Staten Island chapter of New York State Women called on local women’s professional organizations to unite as volunteers to approach issues with one voice.

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