"Too many employers are trying to cut our benefits to pad their bottom line. We have to come together to stop them."

 -Carmen Texeira, RN, Montefiore

NYSNA members have won strong retirement and healthcare benefits. Strong benefits help us retain veteran nurses and recruit the next generation of RNs. That's good for patient care. Some employers don't get it. They're trying to cut our benefits. Connect with us to find out what  you can do to stand for strong benefits.

NYSNA Pension Plan and Benefits Fund

The NYSNA Pension Plan and Benefits Fund provides good benefits for thousands of nurses in the private sector.

Contact information
NYSNA Pension Plan and Benefits Fund
800-342-4324 or 518-869-9501
Fax: 518-869-9529

Pension questions:
Health benefit questions: or view

NYC Public Sector Benefits

The following benefits cover employees of NYC's HHC system and Mayoral agencies. If you work for another public sector employer, please contact your NYSNA representative for more details about your benefits.

NYC Employees Retirement System (NYCERS)
335 Adams St, Suite 2300
Brooklyn, NY 11201-3751
347-643-3000 or 877-669-2377
Fax: 347-643-3400

Administrative Services Only (ASO)
P.O. Box 9005
Lynbrook, NY 11563-9005

PRESCRIPTIONS (except for PICA, chemo, or injectables)
Optum Rx

PRESCRIPTION for PICA, Chemo, or Injectables
Express Scripts

Diabetic meds are provided by your City sponsored health plan.

Aetna, Inc.
P.O. Box 14094
Lexington, KY 40512

More information about Aetna dental coverage.

Some NYSNA members are covered by other plans. Contact your NYSNA representative if you have a question about what plan covers you.

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