Keep Hospitals Open For Care

In urban and rural areas across our state, hospitals are in danger of closing or cutting services. NYSNA nurses are building a powerful coalition of patients and community members to keep hospitals open for care.

Since 2000, 28 hospitals have closed across our state. As the new NYSNA, we’ve vowed to stop this.

Until now, NYSNA was not up to the challenge. When a hospital closing was announced, NYSNA’s old orientation was to hold resumé writing workshops – rather than to organize a comprehensive and strategic campaign to fight the closing.

What a difference a year makes. The new NYSNA brought together all of the resources of our organization, members, and allies to the fight. We have many tough fights ahead. But our union is readier than ever before.

"NYSNA has a central role in trying to keep hospitals open for adequate care. Community hospitals are important because we need to provide quality care to patients in the surrounding neighborhoods."

-Kettly Bateau, RN, Interfaith Medical Center

Jill Furillo, Executive Director of NYSNA, highlights that Interfaith is the go-to hospital for 160,000 residents of Central Brooklyn. It is a full service institution and "the largest private behavioral health facility in Brooklyn, providing 14% of in-patient psychiatric care in the borough, or one of every 25 psychiatric beds in all of New York City." Brooklyn residents have come to rely on these services. Currently Interfaith is more than full: it is operating at 104% capacity, in part due to season-related sickness and injury. But it is in bankruptcy because "more than 60% of Interfaith’s patients are enrolled in Medicaid, which translates to low reimbursements to hospitals. A small portion of just-awarded Medicaid waiver funds would keep Interfaith open for care."

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