Win Strong RN Standards

NYSNA members have united and won contracts that set staffing ratios, quality care conditions, and professional pay and benefits.

Some employers want to cut those standards. We're building a statewide movement to defend the practice of nursing and make improvements where they're needed.  

“Our working conditions are our patients care conditions. By coming together in NYSNA, we protect our patients and our practice.”

- Ingrid Andrino, RN, Bronx Lebanon

“I hope our vote is a wake-up call for management. Patient care is too important for us. It feels good to take some of the power back and have a voice.”

– Paula Platt, RN, New NYNSA member at Bellevue Woman’s Center

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NYSNA nurses celebrated this November when the last of key contracts at Catholic Health Services of Long Island (CHS) were overwhelmingly ratified and safer staffing won the day.

NYSNA nurses at Southside Hospital are looking forward to a safer patient care environment following the hospital’s February 11 announcement that it will add 11 full-time RN positions.

The 210 NYSNA nurses at St. Joseph Hospital in Bethpage won a resounding victory when they reached a new four-year agreement with management.

With the overwhelming ratification of a contract covering 1,500 NYSNA members at Westchester Medical Center (WMC) on January 4, our union continues its winning streak.

NYSNA members at Vassar Brothers Medical Center (VBMC) in Poughkeepsie started the New Year with a new contract and a good deal to celebrate.

History was made by NYSNA members in the negotiations carried out and contracts won at private sector hospitals in all five boroughs. Multi-employer bargaining was a first for our union, bringing four LBUs representing 8,500 members to the same table, a show of unity and strength that management had not before witnessed.

RNs at Bellevue Woman's Center voted overwhelmingly to join our union!

"I am so proud to become a NYSNA member," said Chris McCann, a nursery RN, when she announced the results at a victory party.

“This election is a great victory for nurses, our patients, and our entire community,” said Christine Walthers, Bellevue RN and a leader of the organizing drive. “We decided to join NYSNA after management started to make changes to how we care for our patients – without consulting us. Nurses and our patients need a voice in healthcare. NYSNA is that voice.”

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